April 4th, 2024 Network Leader Roundtable: Cultivating Greenhouses, not Factories with Nick Warnes


Too many planters and networks focus on industrial or mechanical paradigms of church planting (e.g. “systems” and “pipelines”) that don't resemble the way of God's created order, leaving planters feeling like cogs in machines and network leaders wringing their hands over declining numbers. Nick Warnes, founder of Cyclical INC, has found that using biomimicry (mimicking God's created order as a means of faithful innovation) has been a fruitful foundation for church planting and for the whole ordering of the church. In this webinar, we’ll explore life-giving and generative paradigms for the future God's people.

Nicholas Warnes (Masters of Divinity, Fuller Theological Seminary, Emphasis in Worship Theology and Art) is the Founder and Executive Director of Cyclical. He enjoys the regular pattern and rhythm of being both the Executive Director of Cyclical Inc. and Director of Cyclical LA in Los Angeles. Nick is also a recognized speaker on church planting, international church planting coach, and the president of the board of the Church Planting Initiative at Fuller Theological Seminary.

When: Thursday April 4th, 10am Pacific

Where: On Zoom. RSVP for links and updates.

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