Never Plant Alone

Whether you’re a planter discerning the first steps of a new church, or a church planting network, it can be hard for leaders to see the bigger picture, to get connected with the people you need to know, and to get access to the trusted resources and training you need to flourish. With so many of us who share a similar calling to plant churches, we should never have to plant alone.

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Serving Planters and Networks

The Church Planting Initiative at Fuller Seminary holistically forms global church planters and networks to start diverse, gospel-centered, church-planting churches. We partner with networks, denominations, churches, and individuals to train planters through academic courses, professional certificates, online training, and learning cohorts.


Deepen Biblical Theology

Our work in planting churches is mutually informed by our reading of God's faithful activity througout scripture.


Promote Spiritual Formation

The healthiest churches are planted by leaders who have been spiritually formed in the image of Christ.


Develop Missional Competencies

Moving into a post-Christendom world means church planters need new toolkits to help them adapt to unique contexts.

We're Church Planters Too

Having planted churches ourselves, we understand how essential it is to find partners and training in this difficult and yet rewarding season of planting churches. Your vision is sometimes more than you can handle alone, and you often have more questions than answers.

That’s why I love working as Director of the Church Planting Initiative at Fuller, the world’s largest interdenominational seminary with 110 denominations representing 90 countries. As we graduate over 1500 students each year, we have learned that partnering in the formation of leaders is one of the best ways we can join in God’s mission for the world.


Len Tang

Director of the Fuller Church Planting Initiative

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Get Resources

Church planting leaders are looking for best practices, narratives, and tools to fuel their ministry. Fuller is creating and curating essential content from around the world to make sure you are equipped with everything you need to lead well in planting churches. Click below to find a resource that will help you or your organization.

Planting a Church Without Losing Your Soul

Planting a Church Without Losing Your Soul What does it take to be a church planter or other ministry entrepreneur? Most leaders start out with passion, a sense of calling,…

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PLANTERMATCH No one plants alone. In order to plant flourishing churches, leaders want the support of organizations and networks. In order to continue to thrive, church planting organizations and networks…

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Sent to Flourish

Sent to Flourish Church planting is hard work. Planters face a thousand pressures related to leadership, finances, identity, and more. Quick fixes don’t produce sustainability. How can church planters and their…

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Should You Plant a Church?

Should You Plant a Church? Something or someone has put a sliver in your mind, a burr in your saddle, or a fire in your heart. You wonder if you’re…

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Holistic Evangelism

Holistic Evangelism How can church planters share the gospel with a culture that is hungry for spirituality but increasingly skeptical of the Christian church? Without being embedded in a community…

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Joining God’s Mission

Joining God’s Mission Just as plants need healthy soil, so too does our ministry need the life-giving missional theology in relationship to the ultimate Source of life: God. Just as…

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Church Planting Professional Certificate

Get Certified to Plant a Church Theology, Formation, and Training for Planters in a 12 Month Cohort It’s truly a gift to get to journey with others at different stages…

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Join an Event

The Holy Spirit is calling and sending church planting leaders across the globe. As they scatter into what often feels like lonely work, Fuller is gathering them into community to encourage, support, challenge, and pray for one another. We hope you'll join an upcoming event.


If you sense God is calling you to plant a church but you haven't yet, you are in the season of preparation.

The Fuller Church Planting Initiative works with church planters around the world, and our goal is to not only empower you but to connect you to church planting networks.

Occasionally we gather planters for training, webinars, and resourcing. Sign up below to get immediate access.


If you're leading a church planting network, who do you talk to when you need resources and guidance?

The Fuller Church Planting Initiative convenes a monthly roundtable of church planting network leaders to gather resources, best practices, and begin to form a picture of what God is doing with church planting around the world.

Get invited by signing up below.


"We do not simply wake up one day and decide to plant a church. In response to the call that God has been forming in us over many years (and possibly decades) before we ever considered starting a new church, we then train—much like athletes train—to live into that call."

—Len Tang, Director of the Fuller Church Planting Initiative

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