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discipling your planting team

May 2nd, 2024 Planter Essentials: “Training Diverse Planters” with Len Tang and Corey Lee

How can we equip diverse planters with the multicultural competencies to plant in rapidly diversifying communities? FCPI’s own Len Tang and Corey Lee will help planters and network leaders see the tremendous need and opportunity to effectively train more planters to plant immigrant churches, ethnic-specific churches, and multiethnic churches. When: Thursday…

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June 6, 2024 Planter Essentials: “Leading Multiethnic Churches” with Korie Little Edwards

“Leading Multiethnic Churches” – Korie Little Edwards, author of the brand-new research-based book, “Estranged Pioneers,” tackles the question of what it takes for planters of color to lead multiethnic churches. What advantages do they have and what challenges do they encounter? How do their experiences compare to their white counterparts who…

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Upcoming Cohort Launches

Fuller Church Planting Certificate Cohort

Who: Church planters.

What: The Church Planting Certificate Program features 7 interactive online courses. For each course, cohort members complete a workbook for which Fuller staff provides written feedback.

When: Beginning April 2024

discipling your planting team