Church Planting Certificate: Team Version

Train Your Whole Church Planting Team

church planting certificate team version

Church planting is a team sport, but often times training programs focus only on the church planter while neglecting the church planting team.

The Team Version uses an abridged version of the same outstanding content and exercises from the Church Planting Certificate, allowing whole teams to learn together and live on mission together in their city.

By completing one lesson and one exercise a week, over the course of a year the Team Version equips the whole team with the biblical, spiritual, and missional tools to plant a vibrant church together.

Benefits of the Team Version


7 interactive digital courses that busy team members can do on their own.

Team Application

Discuss and apply learnings at your church planting team meetings.

Life Application

Practical exercises to help the team live on mission.


Discount for purchasing 10 copies of the Team Version