Lead your own cohort using Fuller’s Professional Certificate

What if a resource existed for church planting networks and denominations to holistically train their planters using a year-long cohort that combines curated content with a rich community of support and accountability?

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Welcome to Fuller’s Church Planting Professional Certificate Cohort - six interactive online courses with 12 monthly gatherings that you lead within your own church planting organization.

You can learn more about the certificate program you'll be leading here:

“The Church Planting Certificate from Fuller gives the church planters we work with exactly what they need. Beginning with a rich missional theology, and paying attention to the vital work of personal spiritual formation, it equips them to build an empowered team and to deeply engage their contexts with the good news of Jesus. It’s also got a really beautiful, intuitive interface.”

- Chris Swann, Church Planting Director, City to City Australia

About the Cohort Experience

We train you to lead a cohort of planters in your tribe who journey together using monthly video calls and weekly online interaction to deepen their theology, formation, and mission to reach a post-Christian, culturally diverse world.

Courses you'll lead include exercises to help planters reflect individually, relate to their team, and practice mission in their city. After each course, planters submit a workbook that receives written feedback from a Fuller expert. The final project is writing or revising a comprehensive church planting plan.

The Professional Certificate Cohort Bundle Includes:

10% discount on a bundle of 10 or more Professional Certificates (normally $950)

Three training sessions with our Church Planting Director on how to lead your cohort

Documentation and digital tools for leading successful, online cohorts for your network

church planters trained by network City to City

“The Fuller Certificate cohort has been a rich and massively encouraging season of learning and fellowship. The regular content has been specifically tailored to help planters think about how to best reach our contexts, how to maximize our giftings, and how to form disciples and communities who go on to make more disciples.”

- Jon & Blessy Tran trained by City to City Australia

Learn More About the Cohort You'll Lead

FAQs for Network Cohort Leaders

Fuller is the world’s largest multi-denominational seminary. We have students and alumni from over 110 denominations serving in more than 130 countries. We are passionate about church planting. PlanterMatch is one of the ways we co-labor with networks, coaches and the wider body of Christ in starting many new churches around the world.

Fuller also trains church planters through our publications, formal Masters and academic certificate programs, as well as our Professional Certificate program. Our programs are entirely online, allowing church planters to learn while remaining in their current ministry context. We also come alongside networks - like you - and denominations in developing their own training resources and leading their own learning cohorts.

For more information regarding any of the above, please email churchplanting@fuller.edu.