Planting a Church Without Losing Your Soul

planting a church without losing your soul

Nine Questions for the Spiritually Formed Pastor

What does it take to be a church planter or other ministry entrepreneur? Beyond the vocational capabilities every church planter needs, there's a range of capabilities more difficult to measure but even more essential: spiritual competencies, which have to do not just with behaviors but also with the motivations, agendas, and scripts that drive them. This practical course helps planters invest in their own physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health so they can serve Christ for the long haul.


Learning Outcomes (might not need these)

  • To identify the underlying spiritual competencies necessary for fruitful church planting
  • To uncover unhealthy scripts and motives that result in wounding others
  • To develop a personalized "rule of life" - a specific plan for one’s own spiritual formation
  • To establish sustainable personal and ministry rhythms that acknowledge one’s limits and lead to health over the long haul
  • To minister with increased joy in the face of discouragement, conflict, and loss


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