Should You Plant a Church?

Something or someone has put a sliver in your mind, a burr in your saddle, or a fire in your heart. You wonder if you’re called to pioneer something new in God’s kingdom rather than stick with what’s established. You sense the culture is shifting and wonder whether God’s Spirit is saying “Yes. You. Now.” You know people who are far from God and who might never be reached apart from a fresh expression of the gospel.

So you’re taking the somewhat unnerving step of admitting that God may be calling you to the daunting task of starting a new community of faith.

You no doubt have many questions to consider. "Should You Plant a Church?" is a course designed to help you along the way into discerning your calling. Through this course material, we’ll help you define your holy discontent, reflect on your own wiring in light of church planting, and determine next steps to plant a church.

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