October 12th Webinar Preview: Free Church Planting Primer Course with Len Tang

len tang

The Church Planting Primer course is a FREE offering designed to onboard the people interested in the Church Planting Certificate Cohort starting in November, but anyone is invited to join the webinar - even if you aren't planning to be part of the cohort.

The webinar, led by Len Tang, will provide a preview of the Certificate program and answer the most pressing questions for church planting that we heard from you all, such as...
  • How do I recruit a launch team?
  • How do I select a church planting model?
  • How do I get funding for a church plant?
  • How do I develop a strategic plan for a church plant?
  • ... and more questions as well.

 Who: Church planters

When: Thursday, October 12, 10am Pacific

Where: On Zoom. RSVP for links and updates.