Great Commandment Network

A global network empowering people to experience and reproduce great relationships through loving God and others.

FCPI is constantly seeking ways to partner with new organizations to support church planting initiatives around the world.  We are excited to announce The Great Commandment Network (GCN) as one of FCPI’s newest partner organizations!

As an equipping and resourcing organization, GCN serves several denominations and networks across the world.  David and Teresa Ferguson, the founders of GCN, and their amazing team work to help pastors, church leaders, church planters, and churches to lead relationally while serving the communities in which they reside. Through our partnership, we hope to provide church planters and church planting organizations with resources to care for both planters and their teams as they engage in the important work of church planting.  Additionally, network leaders will be equipped with resources and relationships that support their wellness.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, as churches were reeling from the global shutdown, GCN was proactively partnering with Christian organizations across the country to help them cope with the stress and anxiety they were facing as well as help them reengage the communities which they were serving.  One initiative they introduced was called Are You Ready.  The premise of this initiative was to make church leaders aware of how the pandemic has awakened people to their need for meaningful relationships that address all the areas of their lives.  People who would not be open to spiritual conversations or interaction with churches were now seeking answers and relationships.  The question for church leaders was, Are You Ready to have meaningful and loving interactions with people far from God?  Sadly, the answer for many was no.

In light of this, GCN developed several online courses and community-facing initiatives (initiatives focused toward the community instead of toward the church) that would help churches and church planters provide easy on ramps to engage those now seeking them out.  This plan has been rolled out with success to several GCN denominational and network partners.  As our new partner, GCN is looking forward to supporting FCPI initiatives and partners.  We look forward to adding value to your organization through this great relationship.

great commandment network

For more information about The Great Commandment Network visit their website at You can also see them on PlanterMatch.