September 7th Planter Essentials: Why Every Planter Needs a Coach with Dan Steigerwald

dan steigerwald

September 7th Planter Essentials: Why Effective Coaches Are Game Changers with Dan Steigerwald

Who: Church planting network leaders and interested planters.

What: Planters often dismiss coaching because they figure an outsider couldn’t possibly relate to the challenges they're facing on the ground. But finding a good coach can be a gamechanger.

Can good coaching make the difference between a planter unlocking their full missional potential and the church plant failing due to a planter’s major blind spot? At FCPI we believe it can.

Good coaching unlocks a planter's God-given missional calling and competencies. Conversely, neglecting to find a good coach leaves planters deeply vulnerable when things hit the fan. But if that’s the case, why do planters often resist having a coach, and how can networks encourage planters to accept coaching?

Join author, planter, and ICF-Certified Coach Dan Steigerwald to learn the difference between wise, timely, Spirit-guided coaching and mentoring and how every planter can use a coach to plant a thriving church. At the end, Dan will overview the upcoming Church Planter Coaching Certificate cohort he is leading this October through FCPI.

Dan Steigerwald is a supporting author of and a cohort leader for FCPI's professional Coaching Certificate. In addition, Dan holds a DMIN in Leadership in the Emerging Culture from Portland Seminary and is a PCC level coach under the ICF. He is the author of a number of practical books including 10 Pitfalls in Starting New Churches: Avoiding Hazards on the Way to Health (2020); Dynamic Adventure: A Guide to Starting and Shaping Missional Churches (2017); Growing Local Missionaries: Equipping Churches to Sow Shalom in Their Own Cultural Backyard (2014); and Grow Where You’re Planted: Collected Stories on the Hallmarks of Maturing Church (2013).

Who: Church planters and interested leaders.

When: Thursday, September 7th, 10am Pacific

Where: On Zoom. RSVP for links and updates.